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Are you moving to Portugal?

Make sure that you get the correct fiscal advice

TaxTeam Consulting

IRS - Annual Tax Return

As resident you need to declare your worldwide income in Portugal,
as well if you rent your property trough short term or long term lettings as non-resident

TaxTeam Consulting

AL – Alojamento Local/ Local Lodging

Do you wish to maximize the investment you made on your property and start renting to tourists?

TaxTeam Consulting

Are you a freelancer or a pensioner?

The NHR programme might be very attractive

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IRS - Annual Tax Return
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TaxTeam Consulting

TaxTeam Consulting is a service company, whose team has over 10 years of experience, based in the Southern of Portugal, Algarve, focused on helping Freelancers establish themselves in Portugal and property owners who choose the path of short-term holiday letting activity (Alojamento Local) to maximize their investment.

At TaxTeam Consulting, we are well aware that it is very easy to get lost in the bureaucracy, so we will be by your side to guide you. Perhaps you are a digital nomad who wishes to offer freelance services while enjoying the riches of Portugal or someone who wishes to maximize the investment made in a property through Alojamento Local.

Register your business

Register your business activity with the Tax Authorities is the first step. The Simplified Regime has an enormous adherence by Freelancers since many pay their taxes through this regime which is the simplest and cost-effective, with an assessment based on a fixed percentage, depending of the activity and income received.

After being registered with the Tax Authorities you may start to invoice. In Portugal, mandatory invoices must be issued within the deadline, this can be made on line or with an invoicing software.

In Portugal, newly established freelancers are entitled to 12 months exemption of monthly Social Security contributions. Monthly contributions are obligatory for all Freelancers, except for Local Lodging activities. This way the freelancer guarantees stability and continuity over the course of the contribution career to assure future pension entitlements as well as other social benefits associated with occurrences of unemployment or illness.

Are you a freelancer or a pensioner? This programme might be very attractive

Non-Habitual Residency

The Non-Habitual Residency programme have been attracting many foreigners, especially pensioners because of the 10-year tax-free exemption and freelancers with scientific, artist or technical activities (professions that usually require an advanced degree of qualification) with a 20% flat rate.

Specific registration is required to be granted with this special regime, TaxTeam Consulting can help you with this registration and advise the exemptions that apply.

AL – Alojamento Local/ Local Lodging

Portugal published in 2014 a specific legislation for those that wish to rent their properties to tourists. A business activity must be registered with the Tax Authorities and a License with the Tourism of Portugal Department and Local Council must be requested.

To be compliant with the authorities TaxTeam Consulting offers you a Plan to help you with the necessary fiscal requirements such as: Reporting the income to the Tax Authorities, Bookkeeping, Fiscal Representation, VAT returns etc, to be taxed at the lowest tax rate of 8,75% and help you to be 100% compliant with the Portuguese Authorities this way you can focus on what really matters to you: your peace of mind.

Annual Tax Return

The fiscal year in Portugal corresponds to the calendar year. If you are resident and receive income from abroad, regardless of whether it comes into Portugal or not, or as Freelance in Portugal you are obliged to submit an Annual Tax Return on the following year between April-June. Residents in Portugal are taxed at progressive rates varying from 14,5% to 48% (in 2018).

To reduce your tax liability there are specific deductions and allowances stated in the Portuguese legislation, however specific rules must be followed, such as proper invoices being issued with your Portuguese fiscal number and confirmed with the Tax Authorities.

Are you moving to Portugal?
Make sure that you get the correct fiscal advice


A high degree of knowledge, affordable pricing, rapid response to any question on tax and A.L. and last but not least friendly and always correct. So, highly recommended !

John V., Paderne.

I am very happy with TaxTeam Consulting guidance etc, Re moving to Portugal and my Taxes

Malachy K, from Ireland

Thank you for your patience and all the additional explanations and details whenever I have needed them. The Portuguese regulations are very different to those in the uk but you make it much more simpler for me to understand with your supporting. Thank you


We are very satisfied with the service! We are very happy to find Tax team consulting, they have a lot of knowledge and experience, and for us very important; they are pro-active. We don't know all the tax rules, so we really need to have a good accountant! A good accountant is a must for running an economic activity!

Roberto & Martha Quinta das Piteiras, Silves

We have worked with Paula for years and immediately followed her to TaxTeam. The team offers rapid service & response, extremely knowledgeable in all matters, always helpful and patient in explanations, charming and friendly. Highly recommend.

Barbara, Almancil